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Premiership Bets is the best place to find betting guides for three of the biggest sporting leagues in the UK: the Darts Premier League, the Football Premier League, and the Rugby Premiership. There’s no better place to visit online than Premiership Bets for informative and well-researched betting guides. Our team of industry experts and sports aficionados have created the internet’s best guides for three of the country’s largest competitions.

Tipping Records

A tipping record is a way of keeping track of how well certain betting tips have performed historically, using a points-based system. The number of points is calculated based on the confidence that is attached to each bet before it’s recommended. Points are used – rather than monetary value – to account for varying financial circumstances.


In the Darts Premier League, some of the world’s most highly ranked sportspeople are pitted against one another, making it difficult to predict who’s likely to be triumphant at the end of the tournament.

Premiership Bets has all the best betting tips for the Darts Premier League, making these predictions easier. Whether it’s looking likely that Gerwyn Price is going to be victorious against Peter Wright, or if week four sets itself up for a particularly interesting accumulator, the expert team at Premiership Bets has found any-and-all valuable betting tips for one of the greatest dart’s tournaments in the world.


The Football Premier League is the biggest in the sport, with 20 of the best teams battling it out for the title. With that in mind, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of betting tips floating around each week for the league’s various fixtures. It’s a challenge to sort the good tips from the bad – which is where Premiership Bets comes in.

The English Premier League betting tips compiled by Premiership Bets are second-to-none, created by industry professionals and gambling experts. You can rest assured that our tips have been well-researched and heavily scrutinised before being published, so anything you find on Premiership Bets has the potential to be an excellent bet.


The Gallagher Rugby Premiership is home to 13 of the UK’s best teams, from Leicester Tigers to Wasps to London Irish. With such a high calibre of clubs involved in such a prestigious league, knowing who to bet on and which teams are most likely to win can be a struggle.

Premiership Bets has the best Gallagher Rugby Premiership betting tips on the internet, all of which have been discovered or created by our fantastic team. Whether you want to bet on the outright winner, the number of tries in the first half, or you want to make a handicap bet, using Premiership Bets will give you the best chance possible at making the right selection.