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  • The Teams

    There has been a total of 28 clubs involved in the Gallagher Rugby Premiership since its inception in 1987. Whether you’re a fan of the league’s staple clubs – Bath, Gloucester, Leicester Tigers and Wasps – all of whom have appeared in every single season, or if you want to find out whether the Bristol Bears will ever win a championship, Premiership Bets is the perfect site on which to learn more.


    For up to date and reliable news on the Rugby Premiership, Premiership Bets reports on all the major happenings within the league. If you’re interested in individual teams, results, and injuries, or you want to know more about changes to the season or the league itself, there’s no greater source on the internet.


    Premiership Bets is the ideal place to learn about upcoming fixtures or previous results. Do you want to know what’s happening in each round of the Gallagher Rugby Premiership both before and after it’s happened? Premiership Bets offers previews and reviews of all the league’s biggest games, with accurate reports of dates, scores, and the most important statistics from all the sport’s biggest games.


    Premiership Bets regularly runs features about the league, with detailed and informative articles on the history of the Gallagher Premiership, major changes to the season and anything else that is essential for you to learn about in order to help you become an expert on the sport’s greatest league.

    League Tables

    Premiership Bets hosts the current Gallagher Rugby Premiership table, with all the league’s vital information included. From games played to tries scored – and everything in between – Premiership Bets is the best place to keep updated on the teams challenging to become champion and those fighting relegation.

    Transfer Centre

    Unlike in football, the Gallagher Rugby Premiership doesn’t have a set transfer window, meaning that it’s more important than ever to have a dependable place to learn about the movement between clubs. Premiership Bets is the best place to learn about who’s leaving Bath, whether your favourite player is staying at Saracens, or if a player’s heading to one London club from another ­– and much more.