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  • Premiership Darts Betting


    Premiership Bets has features on everything related to the Darts Premier League. Whether you’re looking for the history of one of the sport’s most famous tournaments or want to know about any major changes or announcements, you’ll find it on Premiership Bets.

    Player Bios

    If you’re searching for detailed information on all the Darts Premier League players, including their nicknames, number of televised titles and professional history, Premiership Bets has player bios for all involved in the tournament. From Peter Wright to Michael van Gerwen, Premiership Bets has everything you need to educate yourself on who’s looking likely to succeed in the Darts Premier League.

    League Tables

    With eight of the world’s greatest players competing for the Darts Premier League trophy, it’s vitally important to keep on top of the current standings. Premiership Bets is home to the darts league table, updated with the number of nights, matches and legs won, as well as the total number of points earned.


    Spanning February and June, and with announcements being made all year round, there’s plenty of Darts Premier League news that needs to be reported on. Premiership Bets is one of the foremost sources for all things darts – especially the Premier League. From match previews and reviews to ticket news and sponsorship changes, Premiership Bets will help you keep up to date on one of the UK’s most beloved sports.


    Do you want to know who’s facing off against who on any given night in the Darts Premier League? Are you keen to find out whether Gary Anderson came out victorious against Gerwyn Price? If so, Premiership Bets has all the league’s latest fixtures and results – keeping you as informed as possible about one of the greatest competitions in darts.