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Premiership Bets is one of the internet’s leading betting websites, with top-quality information about three of the UK’s greatest sporting competitions. Whether you’re interested in betting on the Gallagher Rugby Premiership, Football’s Premier League, the Cazoo Darts Premier League or simply want to learn more about one of them in particular, Premiership Bets should undoubtedly be your first port of call.


The Cazoo Darts Premier League runs from February to June each year and involves eight of the world’s best darts players – including Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price. Recent changes to the league mean that players compete in a knockout-style bracket every week, with the top four players in the table moving on to the overall semi-finals after week 15.

For player, league and betting information, use Premiership Bets, and give yourself the highest chance of success when gambling on the Darts Premier League.


The Football Premier League has been around since 1992, following the move away from the Football League, and has since made a name for itself as the greatest league in the world. A total of 20 of England’s top clubs compete each year for the title, with the bottom three being relegated to the Championship and the top teams going on to compete in the Champions League and the Europa League.

Premiership Bets is the ideal place to find team information, game reviews and tips, helping you to position yourself in the best place possible to bet on the Football Premier League.


The Gallagher Rugby Premiership, with its origins in 1987, comprises 13 teams. Originally called the ‘Courage League’ – and having had various names since – the Rugby Premiership is one of rugby union’s fiercest competitions.

There’s plenty to know about the teams and players involved in the Gallagher Premiership, as well as the detailed history of the league. Premiership Bets is home to all the necessary information, as well as betting tips and guides on how to successfully gamble on the sport.


There are so many opportunities to bet on darts, football and rugby. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming knowing which teams or players to bet on or what type of bet to make. Should you engage in handicap betting or accumulators? Are you confident that your chosen team will win outright, or is there a chance that the game will end in a draw?

The betting tips and guides at Premiership Bets should provide you with the foothold you need to feel comfortable making bets on any of the aforementioned sports. Our team is made up of industry experts and sports enthusiasts, all of whom are fully committed to helping you succeed in your Premiership betting.

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